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At AIM we’re always interested in what our clients tell us about our services and we use all the feedback we receive to keep developing and improving our services and customer care.

We are proud of the AIM services over the past 30 years. And we’re also proud of the positive comments we receive from our registrants on all aspects – see comments featured here.

Thank you for the excellent medical care afforded my daughter this past year as well as the ease of communication with the doctors.


Thank you for all the assistance you gave my son when he wasn’t feeling well this past year. The doctors and other medical experts took detailed care of him and your correspondence about these appointments were immediate. Much hatzlacha to you!

Mrs. D.

Both my daughter and I were very satisfied with American Israel Medi-Plan, the level of service and the quality of medical care received. She will be returning to MeOhr this year and will purchase coverage for her again. I am interested in the AIM Platinum Plan and will purchase this coverage immediately.

Mrs. R.

My son A. was on your AIM Gold Plan this year. At the same time I would like to say that I appreciate the good care A. has gotten on his frequent visits to your AIM Medical Center in Jerusalem last year and this. Thank you,

Mrs. H.

I was told over Shabbos about your terrific reputation from parents in our shul that had insurance with you.

Mr. D.

Dear Mrs. Berman, Thank you for all your help. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I took out this AIM plan, My son told me that his chest hurt him every time he took a breath, he had an ingrown toenail and athlete’s foot, If besides all the normal fears and adjustments of having a son going to Yeshiva in another country for the year. If I had to worry about where he was going to find a doctor. I would never get a good night’s sleep. Will you be sending me an ID card for the year.

Mrs. Z.

Since I already have experience with AIM, in that both my daughters T. and D. over the past two years have used AIM and we have been very satisfied. I would like you to send me an application.


I would just like to tell you that we were very satisfied with your AIM program last year. My daughter was sick on several occasions and the drs were all very good. She even had to have some blood work done and things went smoothly. I wanted to thank you for your services.

Mrs. C.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Dear Dr. Fruchter, I would just like to say a belated thank you for all you did for me throughout my last year in Seminary. I found you and your staff very obliging and I would often hear my mother say how we could do with AIM in Manchester. I really appreciated how you were always able to see me immediately which is almost unheard of here and that in an emergency you were always contactable. Wishing you and your family כתיבה וחתימה

Miss S. (Manchester England)

Thank you very much. This is our second child who has gone to Israel with the AIM plan. It has been fine and we are very grateful for your increasingly improved care. Wishing you another year of hatzlacha.

Mrs. A.

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