The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center

The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center at Yad Sarah offers the highest standard of urgent care. The emergency center includes general patient intake, as well as pediatric and gynecological services. Blood tests and imaging are available on site as well as the loaning of medical and rehabilitative equipment.
About the Service
At the Frenkel Emergency Medical Center, emergency services are provided by specialists, many of whom are members of the Shaarei Zedek hospital staff and can coordinate patient care with the hospital in case the patient needs to be hospitalized.
Also unique at the Center is the availability of the most innovative medical and rehabilitative equipment for loan on the spot.
The emergency center staff is trained to respond to emergency medical situations with the goal of saving human lives. The team provides first aid and evaluation of the patient’s condition and decides if the patient needs to be hospitalized or can continue treatment at home. The nurses, doctors and specialists on duty evaluate and treat patients with the help of blood tests, imaging including x-rays and ultrasound, and much more.
The staff make every effort to provide high quality professional care as quickly as possible, in a courteous and welcoming atmosphere.
The unique concept of the center includes the separation of departments, with specialties in the care of adults, children (pediatric) and women (gynecology).
For further information, please call *6447
“Frenkel Emergency Medical Center”, is the generous donation of the international businessman and Chairman of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Aaron Frenkel who dedicated the center in memory of his parents RChaim and Fruma, z”l.